Thursday, 14 January 2010

Exercise,a dairy free existence and bonfire-rub-chicken awesomeness!

I'm stoked! Still feel shite-ish,all sinusy and chesty coughy,but managed to get the mojo to somehow get up and complete 45 minutes of exercise! 15 minutes of the Tahitian hip hop and 30 minutes of Aerobics Oz style belly dance.Was totally knackered by the end of it,but its a start.Remember this is a girl who gets puffed out walking up stairs.........and I used to be able to bushwalk for hours and would swim at the beach for countless lengths.What happened to that girl?

The Tahitian one was a bit of a let down,quite boring and repetitive to be frank,plus the instructors voice was so screechy.I definitely recommend ANY Aerobics Oz Style DVD's
though.They're super,super cheap on at the mo and they are just fantastic. I remember the show used to be on every morning at the un-godly hour of 6:30AM,wayyyyyy back when I was wee,so it's a bit of an Aussie institution.

What I love though,is that there would always be one of the group doing the exercises at a modified rate/move,for those of us that weren't that fit or just starting out.So
anybody can truly do these. (I'm not just plugging them coz they're Aussie! :P)

I've come to the conclusion that dairy
doesn't seem to agree with me,and for my asthma's sake as well,I'm going to try and experiment with phasing dairy out.Back in my hippie,university days I experimented with vegetarianism and eventually veganism,but the vegan phase only lasted 2 weeks,until (according to my best friend) a drunken night ensued and the temptation of a Burger King was too much after a hards night pounding the best of Sydney's dance floors (and the clubs in Sydney just don't close,none of this 3am curfew BS.) Alas though,my clubbing days are long over :(

I would love to become vegetarian,but I'm afraid the carnivore in me just pulls too strongly.i don't however eat red meat that often,and want to try and limit my poultry to just 3 or less times a week,maybe 1 day of red meat,as I don't have enough iron and the rest I'll endeavour to be peace,love and mung bean days.

Still on track with the eating,although I did have one strawberry delight from a Milk Tray last night at girls night in,breaking the chocolate fast.My wee sister,Re,moved over here about 8 months ago.Its her first time living away from the parents and she's becoming quite the wee chef.Last night she made an amazing baked chicken,rubbed with 'bonfire rub' spices from Asda's extra special range.Sooooooo good,I had cravings for them today.Served with broccoli,green beans and mangetout and a creamy mushroom sauce (Re:'It's only single cream Steph,so it's not that bad for you')

All in all I don't think it was that high in points and hell,this is real life.I'm not going to be totally militant about what I put in my mouth when I'm enjoying a night out.I'll just be good the rest of the week.And I still am totally on - track with my eating -no Coke or fizzy drinks since New Year,just water and the odd juice (and wine :),and no chocolate other than that wee milk tray Strawberry Delight,but that's too tiny to count...............isn't it?????

I found a totally awesome 'Fresh Fruit and Desserts' cookbook in my local Oxfam which has an Apple Creme Caramel that looks absolutely divine and is only about 3 1/2 points for creamy French decadence.

I actually can't wait for this weather to let up so that I can start walking to work when I'm on the back shift and from when I'm on the earlies.On my last attempt,I walked to work 3 times (about an hour's walk) for 3 weeks and I managed to lose 4-6 lbs a week! Anyways,I'll stop blethering away,as this seems a bit dis-jointed and random. Hope everyone else is going well.xo


Jaframity said...

Jeez, girl I'm knackered just reading about your exercise! If you can do that whilst feeling crap you must be unstoppable when you feel well.

I like the sound of that baked chicken dinner you had - and the strawberry cream, which I can imagine so hard I can practically taste it, although that could be hallucination from lack of chocolate. :-§

GlasgowGalah said...

Aw thanks very much :D I've gota loooooong way to go - still get wheezy climbing up the 2 flights of stairs to my flat,but I will get back to my pre-scotland fitness eventually.Re used a 'bonfire rub' from the Asda extra special range,and simply rubbed it into the chicken and baked,with no oil or anything,and it was still super moist and lush.I'll defo be looking for it next time I'm in there.
LOL at the strawberry cream - to be honest after nearly 2 weeks with hardly any sugar in any form,let alone chocolate,it just tasted too sweet! OMG,can't believe those words actually came out of my mouth.....and about CHOCOLATE! Ithink I need a lie down....

Lorr74 said...

Loving your blog!!! Bonfire rub sounds fab, will defo be trying that out. You are doing fab, im hoping everyones good intentions wil rub off on me!!! xx

Twinkle Eyes said...

Well done for exercising when you're feeling rubbish. I've got the Aussie belly dance DVD. I've only done it a couple of times but I did like the fact that the girls were working at different levels and work to your own ability. Hope you start to feel better soon x