Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Weighed myself tyesterday.

Official starting weight,a disgusting 19 st 12 lb/126 kg.

Only 1 lb away from 20 stone!!!!!!!

Oh well,no point crying and getting depressed about it.Like the Scotsman said,before he flew out our 3rd floor window,I know how I got this big and I know what I need to do to change.Smug b*$tard.I know he means well,but sometimes I just wanna kick his 9 stone ass.He then went on to tell me how his brother in law and niece weighed themselves on the Wii fit and vowed to shift some pounds,but then his sister went on and was ecstatic because she'd put on weight and weighed a grand total of 8 stone 4 lb.B!tch! I can't even hate her because she is so darn lovely.Why couldn't I have been blessed with that metabolism?

The overall goal is to lose 8 stone/51 kg,which will get me to approx. 12 stone/75 kg and hopefully a lovely voluptuous,Monroesque hourglass size 14.I hope this is the last attempt.

April 13th (14 weeks) - Lose at least 1.5 - 2 stone/9.5 - 13kg

July 13th (13 weeks,total 27 wks) - Lose 1.5-2 stone/13 kg.Total loss 3.5 - 4 stone/25kg

Halloween (15 weeks,total 42 wks) - Lose 1.5-2 stone/13kg.Total loss 5 - 6 stone/38kg

Dec 21st - (7 wks,total 49 wks) - Lose 0.5 - 1 stone/3 -6kg.Total loss 5.5 - 7 stone/41-44kg

Don't know how this will pan out,but I think its pretty reasonable to aim for 1.5 stone in 14 weeks?

It's now my 6th day so far without chocolate.Sleepover shift today,so I am having a leisurely morning and made a huge bowl of rhubarb (0) and apple (1/2) compote with Greek yogurt (1/2 point,I only used a half pot of 0% fat) and 2 chopped up Brazil nuts (1).

Believe me this is HUGE,only 2 points and took me literally 10 minutes.

Whipped up a few batches of soup - Moroccan carrot and lentil,Spanish butternut squash and sweet potato and 3 loaves of bread.Recipes and photos will follow tomorrow afternoon.

So lunch will be: sandwich with tuna,light mayo and low fat cheese (7.5)

Dinner:Big bowl soup (1/2 p due to red lentils - didn't realise they were points!),2 small slices bread (3)

Snacks: 3 mandarins (1),2 x oranges (1),Homemade rhubarb and pistachio muffin (3.5),wotsits (1.5)

If my calculation's are correct that's about 20 points.Way under,but I'm only loosely using WW as a guideline and I just don't feel that hungry.Bit under the weather with a chesty cough,so I haven't been able to exercise yet as my lungs feel as they are going to collapse on me.I actually am gutted because I have the time and the flat to myself and am raring to go with the Pussycat Dolls DVD.

Time is flying so Im off to work.Good luk until tomorrow.xox


Alice said...

Those soups sound GORGEOUS! Definitely look forward to pictures and recipes!

Hope you feel better soon though and best of luck with your goals. x

GlasgowGalah said...

Thanks hon,nice to know people actually read this thing.Love your blog.More pictures and recipes coming soon.x