Thursday, 30 December 2010

################# Ich bin ein Berliner Bärchen

Having such an über wünderbar time in Berlin I really don't want to go back to dreary Glasgow.

Hope everyone had a fab Festive season and all the best to my lovely readers for 2011 in health and happiness.

P.S I think with the amount of hiking through thick,deep snow,I may just have burned off all the mulled wine and hearty German food I've been eating.........fingers x'd


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Please be patient!

I'm still alive and laptop is kaput and I therefore have no proper Internet/blog access.I miss reading all your blogs but I will be back in the new year.In the meantime I'm off to Berlin for my first Xmas with my family in SEVEN years!Have a great Xmas everyone and I'll see you all in cyberspace very soon.xx

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Friday, 19 November 2010

I called in sick yesterday,not that I really was.I was just mentally exhausted and quite frankly my mind was telling me I needed a day off.

Instead of catching up on sleep and having a leisurely lie in,my body clock must be so damn used to getting up early that I was awake at 8:15am!So I faffed about and had a relaxed morning,finally got around to making some Apple and Cinnamon pancakes that I bought on a whim from the local natural food store. Yes,they are from a box and they came in at 7 points for a (HUGE) pancake,but they were so freaking good! Fluffy just like the American style pancakes you get at restaurants............and this day off was the equivalent of a Sunday off for me,so a little decadence was called for.

Another mega gym session - SIXTY MINUTES ON THE CROSS TRAINER!!!!! When I first started I could barely do 5 mins! Followed by 30 mins treadmill and about 20 mins of weights.Now slap on a pair of bunny ears and a cotton tail and call me a Gym Bunny :D

The gym is now non negotiable for me.I need to do it and I need to do it whole heartedly,not only for vanity and weight loss but for my health.I can no longer rely on being young,not that 30 is massively old but you know what I mean.I need to face the reality that I can't continue eating and being slovenly the way I have been and more importantly the gym is an outlet for what would otherwise turn into comfort eating - home sickness,loneliness,boredom and SAD.So maybe that's the reason I've been going so hardcore lately,it's an outlet for my stress and frustrations.

I still have to find the courage to join the Body Balance class.I am so scarily uncoordinated that I'm scared I'd accidentally kick someone in the face or body slam them into the wall.So I'll just concentrate on the swimming,weights and cardio for the moment.

In other news,my life is pretty boring at the mo.Staying in and saving the pennies as it's sooooooo bitterly cold and Mum and Dad are
finally coming to Glasgow in a couple of weeks and we will be having our first Xmas together in nearly 7 years,in Berlin :D Can't wait.As you all know I LOVE Berlin,but Berlin at Xmas will be magical.

Lastly,Claire has written an awesome post,go check it out.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

I love Pro Points!!!!!

Day early weigh in shows a loss of FOUR POUNDS!!!!!!!

I'm now at the lowest weight I have ever been for the last 2,possibly 3 years.

Another mega gym session - 30 mins treadmill -and I hit the highest pace I've ever managed on a treadmill.

40 mins X-trainer (!!!!!!!)

20 mins swim - I managed to do full laps without stopping.Again,something I've not been able to do since I left Sydney.

Anyways,all these wee mini achievments have left me totally knackered and today is my only day off for like 3 weeks,so I'll sign off for now.xox

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Travels in Burma and Slothness

Yesterday was a sleepover shift,but I managed to get one of my service users out for a 25 min walk X 2 to the swimming pool and back.50 mins exercise for the day :D
Today I was meant to go to the gym,but just couldn't face it.After finishing at 8am I then had an Autism Awareness course for a full day (and after 12 years in the field I could write a book on Autism myself!).................after a 24 hour shift.My body and mind just couldn't hack it.........but I did manage to resist the chocolate biscuit tins all day.

I now have a wee dilemma - do I weigh in a day early or a day late? I'm thinking a day early.I'm seeing all these amazing first PP week losses and am so damn curious after all my sweaty betty sessions.

I worked in a flat that had Sky last night.Sky=LA Ink and Miami Ink back to back.Love,love LOVE it! It's so superficial but when I feel like giving up at the gym/pool I just keep thinking of my awesome sleeve and how it will look when I'm prancing about in my gorgeous Collectif dresses.

stly,I know that politics is a very divisive and emotive subject but I just have to express my admiration and happiness for Aung Aan Suu Kyi and the people of Burma.I travelled to Burma in 2004 and the decision wasn't taken lightly (along with China).Ethically I was torn but in the end I decided to go for it and I am so glad I did.

Some of my favourite and happiest backpacking memories - and the one scariest,were in Burma.I had so much fun teaching an English class in a Buddhist monastery,chatting with local biker boys over chai in wee street cafes and making right the wrongs in the world and especially Burma,in hushed tones over vegetarian dishes with some of the most resilient and strong women I have ever met.

I hope this a closer step to freedom for Burma and it's wonderful people.

Monday, 15 November 2010

********************** F*"$ing excellent day!

Yesterday was a pretty f*^king epic day in Frangipani land.SO epic in fact,that the gratuitous use of expletives is needed.

So I worked 2 separate shifts yesterday,the last of which was just a hop,skip and a jump away from my flat.After 40 solid mins of pushing a wheelchair,instead of going home and having a lazy Sunday arvo,I went to the gym................and had a massive workout.

50 mins on the treadmill,40 MINUTES ON THE ELLIPTICAL/CROSS TRAINER!!!!!!!

So 130 minutes of exercise and staying within points,not even dipping into the weekly allowance for Sunday.
Today was 50 mins treadmill,20 mins elliptical and 12 lengths of the pool after all that (plus a full shift at work) And again staying within points.Zero points fruit is AMAZING!

Sleepover shift tomorrow,but gym time scheduled for Weds. and Thurs.

I'm totally knackered but feel so damn good.Bring on the pin up goodness!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

***************** I've become

Image courtesy of Kitchen Retro

A cereal whore.

After years of not eating breakfast or leaving it until at least 3 hours after I'm awake,I am now in the habit of eating breakfast............healthy ones too.And cereal has replaced my chocolate addiction.YIKES! My shelf is lined with at least 6 differents varieties at the mo.I know I have to be careful of hidden sugars in cereal,but I do try to stick to muesli,shredded wheats with fruit,whole grains etc.

And thank feck for the free fruit as I am now having a banana with a generous tablespoon of Onken Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt as well.All that brekkie for only about 6 PP.And best of all it keeps me going till lunch.So I've been uber organised on the breakfast front -even weighing out my portions and transporting my Coconut milk to work.Speaking of which I'm loving the Kara Coconut Milk.As I've mentioned I'm trying to phase out dairy - tho Onken yogurts and Rachels Greek Coconut yogurt are just too divine to give up,and Kara is the best of the dairy free milks I've found,personally.

Now I just need to concentrate on portable lunches and dinners....................still not figured out what to do with the Honey Pomelo or Persimmon.

And I couldn't go to the gym due to work............................I missed it with a passion.............I think that's the first sign of the descent into madness!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

************** Dedication is................

A 70 minute cardio session and 20 minute swim after less than 3 hours sleep on a 16 hour sleepover shift.Traipsing backwards and forwards and backwards again to another gym because my local one is closed due to a fire in the sauna (?!?!?!?!) And yes,these were 2 completely separate events!
I'm back on the wagon babeeeeeee!

Totally motivated
and loving the new Pro Points plan - I have lost 2 lb's in 5 days!!!!!! (My WI day is Fri,but started new plan on Mon).FRUIT IS ZERO POINTS!!!!!! This makes for one happy Galah and so much easier for me to stick to plan.I've even managed to squeeze in Nigella's Strawberry and Almond Crumble for pudding tonight and stay within points.

I've been sticking to my cooking from scratch rule and eating so damn healthily I should be sainted................and it's all down to the free fruit rule.I've not even been tempted by CHOCOLATE,as I always have fruit on hand.In fact,I now have a
Honey Pomelo and 2 Persimmon in my possession which I have no idea what to do with.What did we do before Google?

I'm really hoping this will be the last of many re-starts and I thank you
loyal readers for sticking by me as the scales gone up and down and up and down and up and,hopefully for the last time,down again.

I'm continuing on my Operation Reclaim Pin Up Girl by indulging in buying new bras.When you're a big breasted lassie like me

(OK,for the record I'm a 38 HH),you will know how utterly depressing and heartbreaking,not to mention expensive it is,to buy bras that aren't frumpy and granny like.But I now am in possession of 4 new bosom enclosers,ranging from a gorgeous and sexy black and purple number to a funky and very 1940's style red and rose printed number to a very cutesy white lace and pale blue Stepford Housewife - in - a - good - way bra.

Extremely pleased,feeling uber sexy and pretty (depending on the bra ;P )
I'm also continuing to make sure that my nails are always lovely and painted and when not working I am getting myself all glammed up.All these little things to reclaim my former self and make myself feel good.............................whether I'm large or slim.xox

Monday, 8 November 2010

Ok,so the new WW Pro Points plan is finally here.I'm liking the look of it so far,and it seems to be the fresh start and kick up the arse I need.I WILL GET MY TATTOO ONE DAY SOON !!!!!!!

Lot's to blog about,weight related and otherwise,but I'm off to read more about the new plan and will ramble more tomorrow after a gym visit (Now it's in writing I'm accountable!)

Monday, 1 November 2010

If the rumours are true.......

Fruit is going to be ZERO points on the new WW plan?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! Happy Days! :D

Friday, 22 October 2010

WI and gym bunniness.

I know it's a day early,but I won't be able to weigh in tomorrow - 1 pound off! Not too shabby considering I've not been extremely vigilant with my eating (so hard to eat healthy on an extreme - week - till - pay - day budget)

I did another gym session today.25 mins each on the treadmill and cross trainer.Another session planned for Sunday and I'm going to start a fitness class.Moi! A gym class! It's body balance,just what I'm needing at the mo as work is uber stressful right now.Just a whole load of bitching from older women (45 +) who should know better.Usually I can let things wash over me and not get too stressed coz I just don't get involved,but it's getting really vicious lately.I just want to get through Xmas and then I may look for another job if things don't calm down.

Anyways,back to the class,apparently you don't have to be fit to do it so hopefully I don't make an absolute arse of myself.

Anyways,dinner calls so I shall sign off for now.xox

I have 100 followers!!!!!

This is apparently a pretty monumental thing in blog land,soooooooooo watch this space as I will be having a wee,but very Miss Frangipani-esque giveaway for all you loyal followers who keep following the starts and re-starts and continue to amaze me by actually reading my ramblings and commenting.I truly do appreciate it and as such,before I forget,this giveaway will be open to any followers anywhere,as I know I have totally awesome readers from all over the planet.

No one I know,as in my face to face daily life knows that I blog............not even the Scotsman or wee sister Re.Even when I'm at home with my flatmates I try and not let them see any of the blog.I don't know about you guys,but I guess it's just because this is the one platform I have to be
completely open and honest.And yes,the Scotsman and I know each other inside out,but being of the male variety he just does not 'get' this whole weight loss thing and everything it encompasses,psychologically as well as physically.

Maybe when I've actually made the half way point I'll tell him and Re about it.But for now,it's just me and you lovely readers :D xoxo

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

No more...................

excuses,fart-arseing about or general laziness.

I walked down to the gym with my flatmate - an hours round trip.Then eased myself in with 25 mins power walk on the treadmill and 20 mins on the x-trainer.

Very chuffed with myself and all pumped and motivated to get back to operation pin up/gym bunny :D

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Where I'm at............

Well the semi - good news is that in 5 weeks of inactivity,excessive drinking and eating I've somehow managed to put on 2 lb's...............far less than I thought of physically feel.

The good news is that my eating has been on track for the last 3 days.Bad news is I haven't been to the gym - yet.I have the flat to myself today and have no intention of leaving the house whatsoever today and just being totally decadent.DVD's,face masks and WW message board and blog catch ups methinks.OH!And I've totally stuck to my no -ready meal challenge.

The last 2 weeks have been a total whirlwind.Worked a 75 hour week before my best friend came all the way from Sydney for a whirlwind 3 day trip.Intense eating,drinking and catching up.Then back to another chaotic week.

I have been relief,full time for the last 2 years and so work as many shifts as I can while they are going,as we have the threat of budget cuts looming over us.I have finally got a permanent contract - albeit 16 hours,but it's working with children which I much prefer.Unfortunately though,I still need to work crazy hours while they're going to make up to full time hours and to have a bit of a nest egg when the cuts come in.

So today will be a day of catching up and finding new blogs,planning meals and new recipes to try.Sorting out my diary with scheduled gym visits and just relaxing and re-charging and getting motivated and back on track!

Friday, 15 October 2010

I don't know much about the ins and outs of American politics but this man is truly amazing.........

Saturday, 9 October 2010

I know,I know.........

I've been an extremely shite blogger/weight loser/gym bunny/pin up wannabe.

I had that damn chest infection for a week and the past week my fabulous best friend has been here all the way from Sydney.Cue a lame ass excuse to eat and drink as much as I wanted.And NO GYM!!!!!! FOR A MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a positive note.................I MISS THE GYM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate feeling sluggish and unfit.

I hate feeling bloated and crap from all the drinking and non - clean eating.

On another note.I've been doing something I haven't been doing for a while...........leaving the house with a full face of make up.

I'd fallen into the trap of thinking that I don't 'deserve' to look after myself or be pretty because I'm fat.I keep buying nice dresses and things in smaller sizes for when I lose weight and 'deserve' to look good,instead of focusing on looking nice NOW.I can't remember the last time I bought myself something nice to wear at night.I hadn't bought myself any new foundation or liquid eyeliner in a year because I didn't think I deserved to look pretty and take pride in my appearance and spend time on myself because I'm fat.It's so stoopid and irrational but it's changed in the last few weeks.

I went out and treated myself to a new,good foundation and bronzer.I finally bought the Shiseido liquid eyeliner I'd been wanting for ages and I've been taking time out and PRIDE in spending time on my appearance and getting myself all glammed up and pretty for ME.No one else but me.Although the compliments certainly do help ;P

And my thinking is turning.......I do deserve to be pretty and proud no matter what weight I am and I've made a vow to myself that I will spend time on myself more because it makes me feel good.As my favourite quote goes 'When I was 13 I became beautiful,not because I was,but because I CHOSE to be'.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

I'm back on the wagon people.Had a mega busy few weeks,finally feel back to full health and am ready to re-start operation Gym-Bunny.

Blog all on Saturday..................

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Uber,uber,uber quick update!

I finally am starting to feel (after nearly 3 weeks!) that this chest infection is going away and I'll be able to hit the gym soon.About time too,as I've managed to gain 2 lb's in these 3 weeks.

On Monday I'll hopefully also be hearing some good news work wise,so keep your fingers,toes crossed and send me some good vibes :D

That's all for now,as I am off to enjoy a decadent Sunday with my gorgeous man.


Monday, 13 September 2010

I'm still here!

Still coughing my lungs up,and still missing the gym.

It's been an eventful weekend.My German grandmother passed away peacefully in her sleep at the fantastic age of 91.We knew it was coming and she was tired of life and just wanted to join her beloved again.I can't even imagine the things she would've seen in her life and to have gone 25 years without her love by her side.

It wasn't so much of a shock as Om Ondos and to be honest,I wasn't as close to her as I would like to have been.She was so typically German and when we visited her or she visited us,she always kept us at arms length as she was afraid of getting too close and therefore making it harder to say goodbye and be so far apart.I never understood it and it's such polar opposites to my Indonesian grandmother.You would think being so far apart would make you more determined to forge a closer bond and make the most of the time spent together.I'm just happy we got to see her one last time,last summer and she got to meet the man who has made her oldest grand daughter so deliriously happy.

Speaking of which,it was his 36th birthday yesterday.Lucky B*d looks not a day over 25 and still gets ID'd.We had a wonderful night celebrating with a BBQ with his twin sister and her partner, and his niece.

A good time was had by all but I am totally paying for it now.Didn't even have the energy or will to go and weigh myself.Hopefully this illness is on it's way out and I'll be back to operation pin up girl-gym bunniness again!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Uber Quick update

I lost a pound this week! Would have been happy with just a STS due to no gym and not particularly good but not completely crap eating so uber pleased.

Then I came home to a cheeky note from one of my flatmates about housework.She's been unemployed since January and basically needs to GET A LIFE!!!!! Or even better still,a F*%KING JOB!!!!!!!!! Just what you want to read after a 60 hour week and when you're still feeling like crap.I will always put my hands up and admit that I am not the tidiest,most organised person,but when it comes to communal areas,I do my share and stick to the cleaning rota.This note was basically talking crap!

It's hard enough sharing with 2 others,even though we do get along 99% of the time.I just miss having the flat to myself at times especially when one is unemployed.She's just always there.My heart sinks a little when I climb up all my stairs and open the door and see her keys on the hall table.It's really been getting on my tits lately.I'm lucky enough that I have the biggest room with a telly,DVD,laptop etc. to keep me sane and entertained.

I'm so freaking over flat sharing.I wish I had the money to afford my own place or for the Scotsman and I to finally move overseas,but alas,that's the situation till at least next July,so frustrating.

I'm sure these bitchy feelings will all pass,but in the meantime,how do you cope with flatmates?

I'm off to peruse my new Nigella cookbook 'Kitchen,recipes from the heart of the home',just arrived today.Nigella always cheers me up :D

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Ugh! How can I feel so ill when I've been so healthy!

I feel horrible and as such haven't been to the gym since last Tuesday...........OK,that's more to the fact that I've been either working sleepover shifts or getting horrendously drunk.This head cold is not at all alcomohol related,I swear.I've been feeling like shite since Tuesday hence me being MIA.

Normal blogging will commence shortly.

In the meantime,I've been sticking to my September challenge and whipped up some super easy soups........

Carrot and ginger - Chop carrots and some fresh ginger,I left the skin on my carrots for extra goodness.Boil in stock and blend.Simples.

Sweetcorn - Boil some corn (I used frozen as I had that on hand) in your chosen stock and blend.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

To sum up August

* I have (shock - horror - the sky is falling) joined a gym...........for a year.
* Even more shocking I am loving it and the feeling of pushing myself that wee bit further.In fact I haven't been since Tuesday and I miss it.
* My asthma is improving already and i no longer need a tank of oxygen after I climb the stairs to our 3rd floor flat.
* 4 colleagues have noticed I've lost weight.
* I've lost 1 stone 1lb/7kg/15 lb's.
* I've been asked out by a very handsome and polite gent (his approach was to hold the door of a shop open for me and offer to carry my basket,even though he wasn't going in) total boost for the ego and self esteem.
* Walking an hour to walk at the sickeningly early hour of 7 am is becoming habit.
* Eating cleanly and 5 portions of fruit and veg is now habit (with the odd croissant and Vodka thrown in for good measure).
* Mentally I feel more like my happier,laid back Aussie self.

Generally,I just I feel damn GOOD!

Without wanting to sound like a cheesy Nike ad........

Image courtesy of Things We Forget

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Blog awards continued

4. MY GORGEOUS WEE SISTER,NATEY - There's 7 years difference between us and like the Scotsman we are total opposites.The Scotsman and I joke that he's with the wrong sister,she's much more suitable for him :P Joking aside,she' moved over here a year ago and it's made living over here so much easier.I LOVE our sister time spent together,watching cheesy films,cocktail nights or window shopping at posh stores - Louboutins for me and Chloe bags for her.Having a sister is so awesome.

Yeah,she's like Zoolander.She can only do the one pose,in the one direction

5. TATTOOS - I got my first when I was 21 and since have collected 7 fro
m around the world.They each have a special meaning to me and signify different stages in my life.

6. COOKING AND BAKING - I'm a total foodie,hence my current predicament.Dad is a chef and is your typical German-strong-like-an-Ox build.Food is a huge
part of Indonesian culture,so this combination has led to total epicurean tendencies.

Excuse the horrendous appearance - that was my annual Christmas baking box and spring rolls production

7.GOOD OLD ROCK N ROLL - When I was a teenager I harboured dreams of becoming a female rocker as good as Slash.Unfortunately I am completely tone deaf and not at all musically inclined so those fantasies have to be lived out in my head whilst rocking out on the Elleptical to various rock and metal on my Ipod

8.THE 40's AND 50's - James Dean was my dad's hero and mum loved all the classic films,so maybe that's where this fancy started.I can't remember,but I've always loved the classic films and styles of the 40's and 50's.The hair,make up,dresses,peep toe heels and total ladylike elegance of the ladies who could still cut a man down with a sharp one liner.I remember on the weekends back home there would
always be a classic film on the telly in the afternoon.Ms Monroe,Marlene Dietrich,Bette Davis and Ava Gardner would be the favourites if I had to choose.

9. FLOWERS - It runs in the family.All the women...........and some of the men,mostly on my Indo side,love wearing bright coloured,flower print batik and flowers in their hair,on their wrists,around their necks etc..The brighter and more colourful,the better.I'm a little obsessed with Frangipani's.In fact I just got a parcel of more frangi bracelets delivered today.I can't leave the house without a flower in my hair or in my ears - even when working.As I can't wear any jewellery to work,and make up is no point as with the amount of physical work we do it would just sweat off or get ruined anyways,it's my one concession to glamour.I guess it's also my way of brightening up my Glasgow days a little.

Mum looking beautiful in traditional batik dress
She's missing a flower though.

10. TIGERS - Just my favourite animal.I could spend h
ours at Edinburgh zoo watching them.

Phew,so there you have it.Now there are so many blogs that I regularly read and love,like
Emma, Rapunzel, Roo,Tully and Joy as well as the 3 afore mentioned ladies.So I'm going to give this to some new ladies who's blogs you should absolutely check out...........

* Claire - She's a fab and witty Irish lady living in Spain.Love it!

Roxie - Awesome blog of another lady getting healthy and fabulous

* Ina and Ulrika are both Finnish and both write beautiful blogs about their lives and vintage - Rockabillyness.Wonderful photos

Neen - is Scottish and has lost an inspiring 3 stone so far.Really fun blog.I like the way she writes.

* Florrie - has lost a whole heap of weight already and writes a really funky,colourful,fun blog

I know that's not 10,but I really need to clean up my reading list - way to long to sift through,lot's of blogs that unfortunately have fallen by the wayside.

Thanks again for everyone that's reads my ramblings.xox

Blog Awards :D

The Scotsman is occupied with the Europa League qualifiers on the telly,so I can finally get round to this post................

So yeah.......Wow guys,I've got 3 blog awards in the last few weeks or so,a belated thank you to these lovely ladies.......
Linzerello,Lexie and Ruby Rach.Thank you so much,I'm chuffed! Ruby Rach is a beautiful Australian girl with a fab vintage blog,Linz and Lexie are are gorgeous gals on a weight loss journey too,both with inspiring losses racked up already.

So the rules are:

1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 10 things you like
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment

10 things I like

1. TRAVEL/BACKPACKING.My dad left Germany when he was 21 and lived in all sorts of far flung places,from the Caribbean,to Bali (where he met my Mum) to Hong Kong (where I came into the world),before finally settling in Australia.So far my adventures have taken me to Borneo,Indonesia,Malaysia,Burma/Myanmar,Thailand,Vietnam,Cambodia 3 times when I was 21,23 and 24.Cuba,Hong Kong,China,Mongolia,Russia,Estonia,Lithuania,Latvia,Poland,Czech Republic,Austria,Germany,France,Ireland,Netherlands,Portugal,Belgium and of course I've travelled around Australia on many family holidays and explored Scotland extensively.

2.SYDNEY.My home.I grew up there from when I was 1 till I left for adventures and Scotland at 24.I really miss the lifestyle,the varied cultures,the beaches,weather and of course my family and friends.

My gorgeous Mama and Pa barchen

My absolute best friend in the entire world,we've known each other 13 years and despite the distance we're as close as ever.Isn't she just fabulous?

3. MY SCOTSMAN - He's the complete and total polar opposite to me,physically,emotionally and mentally.We have absolutely nothing in common and Aries - Virgo and Monkey - Tiger combinations apparently should be avoided at all costs,but for us it somehow works.We compliment each other like ying and yang,and despite the differences have only ever had 3 real arguments in the last 6 years.It seems history is repeating itself as there are many parallels with my parents relationship and us.I can't wait for him to become my husband.

Yay me! ;P

I've lost a pound shy of a stone!!!!!!!!!! In pretty much a month! Yay me!

Just a quick one today.Yesterday and today have been days off from the gym as I've finally seen my Scotsman after nearly a month.We spent the day at our favourite French Patisserie/cafe in the West End and then basked in the warmth sipping on coffees as big as our heads before strolling down to Ashton Lane for a few vodkas in the sun.

My favourite bar Wodka Vodka does wicked,super cheap cocktails,but I showed some restraint and had just 1 while the rest were vodka,soda and limes.Totally paid off too as I managed to have a croissant for breakfast as well as an awesome grilled chicken burger from Ketchup and stay within points.Today is just a day in relaxing and planning meals and shopping lists in keeping with my challenge.

And I'm in the process of starting a recipe blog tying in with my new rec
ipe experiments and cooking challenges.Will let you know when it's up and running

** A colleague at work named me Miss Frangipani the other day in homage to all the frangipani's I wear in my hair,in my ears,on my handbags etc.I like that,and it sounds much better than Glasgow Galah,hence the name change.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Thank you,thank you,THANK YOU ROO!!!!! (Awesome hair follow up)

The wonderful
Roo has managed to find out the song that I was talking about with the girl with the awesome hair.And as such I've managed to track down pics of her uber cool hair.I want,I want,I want!

The song is called 'I'm in love' (Alex Gaudino Ft Maxine Ashley).If you want to youtube it.


Monday, 23 August 2010

Quick update

Hola! Firstly,exercise stats: one hour treadmill,20 mins cross trainer and one hours walk to work.

Next,recipes I want to try this month:

* Teriyaki Chicken (from scratch)
* Sushi
* Lemper (Indo sticky rice rolls)
* Bolu Kukus (I have made these before,but can't get them to open up like the photos)
* Raspberry yogurt cake
* Overnight Date and Bran Muffins (Mum's new discovery)
* German pumpernickel bread - I remember my Opa eating this everyday religiously and my Papa does too.It would be great to be able to make it for him when he comes over,as I never really cook much German cuisine.
* Low sugar,low fat,high fibre fruit loaf - that's the real name of the recipe
* Oaty,Apple Pikelets
* Plum and Cinnamon Cake
* Best Ever Muffins
* Sweet Potato Rosti with Chorizo and grilled veg
* Spinach and Ricotta hotcakes
* Chicken,Olive and Lemon Tagine
* Quesadillas
* Wonton soup

I think that's a good start and I haven't even started looking through my cookbooks!

Plus I've set myself the challenge of absolutely NO READY MEALS for the month of Sept.All meals will be cooked from scratch,even if it's just a hurried meal of veg in miso soup or tinned mackerel,brown rice and sweetcorn (my go to meals when I'm skint and/or pressed for time).The exception will of course be unless I am eating out.Wish me luck!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

I'm becoming a MACHINE!

OK,maybe not quite,but 2 hours at the gym is now becoming habit and I actually look forward to it and more surprisingly,am enjoying it :D

I've noticed tiny wee changes in my health too.I'm using my ventolin less,shaved 5 mins off my walk to the gym from work and didn't need my puffer at all.

And in most exciting news,today I totally pushed myself on the cross trainer to do 50 mins!!!!!!!!!
Practically in a row too - just a wee 2 minute breather while I set up the machine again (it's only programmed for 20 min intervals).Totally epic achievement for me.Plus 50 mins treadmill and about 15 mins weights.This time I tried the machines for my legs too.

Back tomorrow,Tues and Fri.Not too shabby :D Signing off now as I am too knackered to attempt any more writing without it being utter nonsense.xx

Friday, 20 August 2010

Just some random happy mutterings

Now I know you're not supposed to,but I needed to go past the local Boots I weigh in at and decided to go and take a sneaky peek.I'm so freaking glad I did coz I've apparently lost 2 lb's!!!!!!!! I know it's not an official weight loss,but it was the boost I was needing to get my mojo back.And back it came with a vengeance!
I did a monster workout at the gym.1 hour and 40 mins of cardio - 50 mins of treadmill and 50 mins on the cross trainer plus some weights.I'm stopping the swimming after my workouts as my body is simply too tired after a gym workout to complete any laps,maybe it was too much too soon.I'll try again a few months down the track.Oh,and I plan to get up that wee bit earlier and walk to work tomorrow.

Stopped by Lidl on the way home and got this mega haul for just £12! 2 punnets each of nectarines, blueberries and raspberries. A punnet of strawberries, organic carrots, sweet peppers, fruit and nut muesli, pitta breads and some broccoli and cauliflower.

It still confounds me that it's so much cheaper to eat crap,frozen meals and take aways in the UK than to eat healthy,fresh food.The abundance of Iceland and Farmfoods stores make me sad.I understand that families on a budget need these stores,but with Lidl and Aldi about selling super cheap,fresh veg surely it's just as easy and cheap to cook from scratch? I've had this argument many a time with the Scotsman as he grew up in a very poor East End Glasgow family,although Lidl and Aldi weren't around when he was a boy.

I once worked with a guy who had never eaten a mango.A mango???? It's hardly that strange or exotic like dragon fruit or rambutan that while common in Oz,especially amongst the SE Asian community,not heard of over here.If you have any Chinese grocers near you please try these and also mangosteen which is one of the most delicious fruits ever.Queen Victoria apparently offered a monstrous sum to anyone who could bring one over from Indonesia unspoiled.I also currently work with ladies that have never ate,let alone heard of,butternut squash or sweet potato!!!!!

In other news,whilst at the gym a video clip came on (it's permanently tuned into the Dance Music channel which basically equates to soft porn which is a very good motivator,seeing all those perfect bodies prancing about in bikinis) with this girl with uber cool hair.It was half black and half pink,literally straight down the middle.I missed the name of the song and can't find any images online,so this is the closest I got.................

LOVE IT! Might add it to the list of rewards when I get to goal - Louboutins,new wardrobe,total spa day pamper session and new hair.And I totally wore that shade of lipstick constantly back in the 90's,with fire engine red hair and leopard print skirts.Thankfully I grew up and developed good fashion sense.

In sad news,it seems the Vengaboys really are back in town.Check it out for yourself here,if you dare............

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Crap but fabulous.

Nothing new to report today except I ate like crap because I didn't plan or take my food into work, and we were out for lunch and dinner.But did walk an hour to work...............

And I saw this on Celia's lovely blog and it is now my new workout mantra.............

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Goals for September

I've just realised September is around the corner................well really coz I was counting down the days till pay day.

Here are my goals for September:

* Cook more and try new recipes:
- Sushi
- Teriyaki Chicken
- Some sort of Morroccan Chickpea stew
- Lamb Kofta

* Cook more Indonesian meals

* Make sure half my evening meals are vegggie possibly vegan

* Stick to my savings plan for our July '11 moving overseas goal

* Go to the gym at least 3 times a week


Ditzy Moments and Crap Diet Books to Avoid

I can be quite a ditz at times.I consider myself quite well read ,worldly and without sounding like a total egoist,intelligent and I have the University Challenge scores to prove it!...........albeit from the comfort of my own couch playing against the Scotsman,but still,my other geeky friends have never managed to score as high as me ;P But nonetheless I can be extremely ditzy at times.World knowledge and useless facts 1 - common/practical sense 0.

I've been quite miffed at the gym machines as I have been working hard,heart rate high,muscles burning and sweat lashing off me,yet the calories I'm burning seemed quite low in comparison to my physical effort.Then today i figured out that you could input your weight and age into the machine................lo and behold my calories burnt rose in proportion to my physical exertion.Happy days.

Ditzy moment number 2,I thought replacing milk and yogurts with soy products would replace the calcium and benefits of dairy that I'm missing out on.But good old google has pointed out to me that it doesn't.DOH! Of course it wouldn't,it's made from a
bean!!!!!! Why the hell would I think that!

In other news,I walked halfway to work yesterday at the ungodly hour of 7:15am - 25 mins

Today was: 60 mins treadmill

20 mins cross trainer

15 mins intense weight training for my arms

15 min swim (my poor body was telling me to rest)

As with any girl trying to lose some pounds I've read quite a few diet books lately.I don't know why - I know what works for me and what I need to do.Most of them are crap and here are 2 to avoid.............

Neris and India's Idiot Proof Diet.I found it at a second hand bookstore so thankfully I didn't waste too much money on this crap.I had sooooo much hope for it,cute,witty writing and the authors themselves had lost a tonne of weight,but alas it's just basically Atkins which I know works for some but I just don't trust a diet where fruit is seen as evil.

Secondly was
How To Eat Like A Hot Chick which I was given as a gift.Now I REALLY had super high hopes for this one - pin up girl on the cover,SATC style writing,a promise of how you can eat what you want and still lose weight (yeah,I already know this from WW, moderation, moderation, MODERATION!). However it was full of foods you could and absolutely couldn't have,and basically crap information like:

* Cheese is evil,but you can have as much Parmesan as you want to.

* Mayonnaise is evil.

* Anytime you are hungry and tempted to stray eat a pound of spinach.

* No cocktails whatsoever.

At this point I lost interest.I KNOW that this is probably why skinny girls are skinny and why I am fat but I do not want to be skinny and live by stringent rules and a life of forbidden foods.I'd rather be a size 14 and be able to east cheese on the odd occasion and enjoy a cocktail or 7 on a night out.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Not a happy camper!!!!!!!!!

I've put on 3 lb's! WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I've been tracking all my eats and staying within points,exercising like crazy and I hardly ate shit while we were in Amsterdam.

I skipped the gym today before weigh in too,as my head was telling me to go,but my heart was so mentally exhausted and body was saying no.Damn I wished I'd gone now! I have 3 scheduled days this week though,so I'll push myself to try and make up for this gain.In fact I will walk halfway to work tommorrow (half and hour - 40 mins) and the other days I start at 8.

Hmmmmmmmmm,off to mull over my online tracker and try and not eat my anger.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Trashtasticka aka when Steph was a chav for a night.

I'm back from Amsterdam! It was a really lovely trip,we all got closure and sent Om Ondos off just the way he would've liked,with lots of makan makan (food),stories and memories,tears,laughs,bad fashion,drama queens,a day out in gay Amsterdam and most of all family and friends.

The family bit of which I haven't had in a looooooonnnnnnnnng
time. Sure I have my sister and the Scotsman,but there's a hell of a lot of cultural differences between Indonesians/Australians and Scottish people.It took 2 years of being in a relationship (plus 2 years previous of friendship) before I met his family.I actually spent 3 Christmases alone here!!!!!!!!!!!

That would NEVER happen in Australia and in Indonesia I think it's actually a crim
e punishable by death to knowingly leave someone alone at Xmas/birthdays etc.Although I must give my Glasgow dwelling Swiss friends their due - I was invited every year to Switzerland for Xmas,it just wasn't financially possible.

I just really miss the warmth of big family gatherings and even my Indo culture,a lot of which the Scotsman doesn't understand.Plus the quality of life in Europe just seems sooooooooo much better than here.We've all promised each other to come over and visit more often and keep in contact more frequently.The Scotsman and i are planning to work somewhere in Europe and bugger off out of here,so,you never know - Amsterdam may be a possibility.

I didn't eat as badly as I thought I would've,lot's of good home cooked Indo food.No deep fried croquettes or frikadelle (Dutch sausages) or the famous butter cake or apple tarts.

So tomorrow I will push on and as Om Ondos would've
wanted,to be as faaaaaaaaaabulous as I can be darlings.In the meantime,here's some trashtastika photos.............................

I would show you the bedazzling bejewelled white chav jeans close up but I wouldn't want to frighten you with a close up of my arse! That's my gorgeous wee sister btw.Don't know what I would do without her over here,let alone on this trip.Love ya Natey!!!! P.S.She's too young and hip and fashion conscious to bother with tradition.So I was the one left to look like a fool.

Hanging out with my cousins,wee sis and nephew (?) - he's my cousins son?

My fab Uncle Donny,Om Ondos's kindred spirit,companion,carer and all round great friend.And yes,the chav jeans made a repeat performance - it was gorgeously warm and sunny so i thought they were apt.

There's no such thing as too much food in an Indonesian household.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Thank you everyone........

Thank you everyone for all your kind words and thoughts.

A lot of the time I forget people actually read this and treat is as just a cathartic release for me.,which was especially true in that last post.I'm sure Om Ondos would be ecstatic,being the screaming queen that he is,that he is now immortalised in cyber space and being thought of by people he never met across the world.

As is Maluku tradition,we will all wear white to the funeral.I do not own anything white and as such had to stop by New Look for anything white i could find which didn't look too hideous and that was some white crop bejewelled jeans and a white top.Very least Om Ondos will get a wee chuckle at his fat 'girlie' wearing an all white outfit.

So thank you again everyone,it really means a lot to read your kind comments.I'm off to pack for our bittersweet trip to Amsterdam and to try and think of some words to say at his funeral at my Mama's request.

Back on Monday,possibly with pictures to give you all a laugh after listening to my sad posts.xox

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

This week is pretty much a write off.

Yesterday afternoon I got the news from my mum that her brother had very suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.He was an absolute gem,flamboyantly gay,out loud and proud and never giving a f*ck what anyone thought.

Unfortunately for my mum,he lived in Amsterdam and she of course would be unable to attend his funeral at such a short notice,as well as my other uncle and his family as they are in Indonesia.So,the eldest daughter is stepping in to represent the immediate family and sort through his belongings for my mum and family.It's safe to say this week is a write off as exercising and eating well are the last things on my mind during this whirwind trip.

I have a very Indonesian attitude to death.Maybe it's my job,maybe it's the genetics maybe it's both,but I went to bed with a smile on my face thinking about how my beloved 'Om Ondos' was the person who taught me how to plait hair - we practised on my barbie dolls.Of all the outrageous stories he would tell me about his many flings and conquests,at an age when I was probably too young to be exposed to such things,of his flamboyant outfits and even more outrageous nature.

When I came out to my mother 9 years ago,it was him who calmed her and assured her.I told my mum first as obviously having a gay brother would have made her more accepting as opposed to my stern German father.It was in fact the opposite,my father was so loving and accepting and it in fact was the turning point to our once extremely volatile relationship.

My mother was quite upset as deep down she is still quite traditionally Indonesian and was worried about grandkids and how the world would treat me.Om Ondos was delighted 'Oh great,another one of us' I think were his exact words and through humour he made my mother come around.He also took it upon himself to introduce me to the gay and lesbian scene of Amsterdam when I first visited him there,as well as to all the single lesbians he knew ;)

I can't quite remember how he became to be christened Om 'Ondos'.Om Ondos means cheeky uncle or something along those lines in Indo and as long as I can remember we've always called him that.

I've just got off the phone to my sister where we chatted about the daunting task ahead of us,of all the family we'll see who we've not seen or contacted in year etc.Of how we need to ensure we keep in contact with our cousins and extended family rather than be brought together in such sad circumstances.Of how they will all be talking Dutch and the ceremony will be quite religious and how I need to behave (no offence to anyone but me and religion just don't mix) Of how we will just stick together and be there for each other quietly in a corner..........................I can just imagine Om Ondos joining us,bitching about what he/she is wearing and how dare he/she wear that to my send off,who's shagging who,who he's shagged but most of all I can just imagine his first words to me would be 'Why the hell did you turn straight girlie!!!!!'

Thank you Om Ondos,for teaching me how to plait my hair and most importantly to be loud and proud and not give a f*ck what anyone else thinks.Rest in Peace Om Ondos,you are fondly remembered and sorely missed.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Another FABULOUS blogger and losing that sense of style

First of all I have to say a HUGE thank you to the absolutely awesome Claire.She always comments on my posts and is so encouraging.You should check out her blog,it's utterly fabulous and witty and she's the kinda girl I'd love to have with me on a night out.Thank you Claire for all your comments.We can totally do this! But I have to say lady,you look absolutely gorgeous as you are!

She's recently written a post which could've come straight from my brain about confidence,and losing your sense of style as you gain weight.I sooooooooo know where she's coming from.

I think I may have blogged before about how I used to have my own style.I used to get my hair done religiously.Never left the house without make up (though that may be more to do with immaturity than weight.I now know to let my skin breathe and only wear make up when I'm not working),always in pin up style skirts and heels,painted nails etc.

Now the only thing
s that remain are bright,bold colours,red lipstick and I never,ever leave the house without a flower in my hair.I've always loved exotic flowers,it must be the islander gal in me.It's my one concession to glamour even when I'm working.

I'm kinda obsessed with
frangipanis.Always have been,even when I was a little girl (leopard print too apparently).Anything with a frangipani and I must have it.The UK is finally starting to catch up and slowly frangipani scented things are trickling in.I've told the Scotsman as soon as we get our own place in Oz we must get a frangipani tree and a Great Dane..........the dog is a mutual agreement.Not so sure about a big F-Off frangi tree.

Anyways the point is,I've lost my style since I moved to Glasgow and gained all this weight (sorry Glasgow,but my weight is defined as 'Australia weight' and 'Scotland weight'.) My wardrobe is limited to what fits,rather than what I like and my night outfits are an embarrassing rotation of just 3 outfits.I'm no longer physically comfy walking in heels,finding 50's clothing is an impossibility,and I just generally don't take care of my skin or hair like I used to.......but!
That's all changing.I've got scheduled girlie me time for face packs and general skin and haircare.

And as you all know I've joined the gym and I can actually see how people get addicted.I LOVE it! Not so much the burning muscles,jelly legs or sweating like a beeatch,but the pushing myself just that notch faster or 5 minutes longer and the feeling that I am doing something for myself and getting closer,albeit slowly,to my goal size.

Todays workout was: * 25 minute walking to the gym

* 50 mins on treadmill

* 20 mins on the cross trainer-torture contraption
* 20 mins swim
and about 15 minutes weights for my arms.

Eating has been good too: B: Raspberries and blueberries and a soy yogurt
L: Baguette with grilled chicken,light mayo and half fat cheese
D: WW Beef hotpot but it was minging so I only ate the potatoe topping

S: Wotsits x 2 mini bags

Finger's X'd for a more than 2 lb loss this Sat.I know that down the line I'll be happy to be consistently losing 2 lb's a week but I just want a biggish loss to kind of psychologically kick start my mental state.xx